Cheap Fortnite Items are on Sale on Raiditem

      Cheap Fortnite Items are on Sale on Raiditem

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      Mythic Storm King
      Prepare for battle, Commanders! Get ready to take on the Storm King in the most challenging battle that Save the World has ever seen. This fight features new mechanics, new challenges, and a daunting enrage timer. This fight will put even the strongest players to the test. Those who are able to overcome this challenge will have a chance to earn...

      Mythic Weapons
      Wield the power of the Storm King!. These unique weapons represent the Storm King himself, both visually and in power. Each weapon has a unique perk that unlocks special behaviors, right from level 1. Shoot homing projectiles for insane headshot streaks, charge your weapon to unleash a devastating chained laser blast, or summon meteors from the sky to smash husks into oblivion!
      These weapons drop exclusively from the Mythic Storm King. If you want to use them, you’ll have to earn them: they cannot be dropped from your Backpack.

      You will notice this is a lighter update than usual for a ‘.00’ release for Save the World - we’re shifting to a less frequent cadence, but aiming for more meaningful updates as a result. This allows us to diverge from shipping features around Battle Pass launches and release them in a more polished state.

      It is said that fortnite is cooking up another exciting feature that we're hoping to launch this season alongside the other features mentioned above.

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